Does Working Out makes you Slim Down?

According to Diana Thomas a Professor at Montclair State University USA. Exercises are good for your health but not necessarily needed for losing weight. Yes i think i believe in this. I found myself that if i do exercise the whole week, meaning jog or brisk walk for 3 to 4 times. I end up sleeping and eating a lot. I easily and more often i feel hungry and crave for foods. Contrary to that, if i do not exercise at all, i only even eat one meal a day. Maybe not only one meal everyday, but 1 or 2 meals, one early in the morning and the last one at night. The point i am trying to make is i eat a lot smaller and lesser when not doing extra physical activities compared to when i am exercising. But having said that, i think exercise is good for our well being and over all health in general. So i will keep on exercising.


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