Popular Manufactured Relish are not Healthy according to Top UK Nutritionist

A Top UK Nutritionist Caroline Farrell said that Popular Avocado Spreads being sold in Walmart Like places are not that healthy compared to the whole avocado fruit. Actually this is always almost the case for any manufactured foods, whether it is nut butters or coconut spreads. It is the best if you will eat the whole foods itself than the food plus ingredients that was altered or was synthetically manufactured. It is ok if it is mixed with many different types of ingredients with it as long as they are whole foods themselves. There are many common ingredients that you can find in your kitchen that are whole foods. Some examples are garlic, onions, fresh olives, paprika, fresh chilli, off course whole avocado, turmeric, extra virgin coconut oil, red peper or somewhere else they are called capsicum.


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